'Grillz' Custom Fit 10k Solid Gold

El Señor


Full tooth or framed custom Grillz with that perm look. We send you the mold kit with instruction, you make the impression and send it back to us (or you can get an impression from the dentist and send that to us.) We will make the Grillz custom fit to your teeth impressions and ship them to you when completed. Please specify white gold or yellow gold in the 'Notes' area of your order. Also open face / framed is also available for the same price, make the reference in your order if wanted. Price includes all shipping, mold, and production costs. 

Print out the 'tooth chart' and fill in or circle the teeth wanted, feel free to put any notes regarding your order and send it back with your impressions.

Also available in .925 sterling silver or 14k solid gold.

Metal- 10k solid gold (white or yellow gold)

Please allow 6-8 weeks for the process to be completed for domestic orders. International will take longer.

El Señor is not responsible for any custom fees that your country might charge you for foreign made products.