'Lockwood Bench' pendant - Gold plated

El Señor


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Lockwood’s benches, banks, bumps and hips have too many bangers to list. There are too many lines by too many pros and too many video apperances, but a few that stand out. We’ll leave it up for debate. A trip to LA in the late 80’s and early 90’s meant at one time or another going to Lockwood, Los Feliz and other schoolyards to skate these recycled fiberglass benches, banks and hips. The bench is one of the most quintessential and easily accessible skate obstacles. Even if you don’t skate, if you have ever gone to school, gym, church, the bus stop, played basketball, soccer or football, everyone has grown up using them, or doing what we do, playing on them. Hand crafted and produced in New York City, hand sculpted by Spencer Fujimoto. 14K gold plated, El Señor New York engraving. Measurements, L-1.25in, W-.37in, D-.25. 24in. box chain.