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El Señor X Vintage 1uvs @ Slashers 12.18.21 2-6pm

Join us @slashershi for the mostest, epicist Holiday Shopping experience of a lifetime!!! @elsenornewyork x @vintage1uvs POP-UP extravaganza

🤜🏽🎄🤛🏽Xmas gifts & New Years Eve attire #elseñor #elseñorjewelry #runskatechill #vintage1uvs #shoplocal #supportlocal

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Holiday Edition of SKATENIGHT 2021

Welcome to the Holiday edition of @skatenightnyc !!!!! Games for prizes an glory! Everybody’s welcome an everybody’s a winner 🤜🏽🍻🤛🏽 

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Plain Chains

‘Plain Chains’ in a variety- 14k, 10k, & .925 sterling silver necklaces in different styles, lengths, widths, and precious metals.

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El Señor's Spencer Fujimoto & Alex Corporan on a Supreme Jacket

It was just one of those days, either you were there or you weren't... no cell phones, but a house phone, store phone or pay phone, a beeper for sure, a board, a train token, and some intuition of where the crew will be a at and when... and there you were, still worried about 'missing out' on the action... 'you just had to be there.'And now 20 years later, we are here. 

Where were you then, where are you now?

Be a part of the culture, show up everyday. and try not to miss out...

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Flappy Mason X El Señor Durag collab ft. Redman

Durags and jewelry, hip-hop and skateboarding, from the streets to the beach, we rep the hardcore! We after the gold and after that the platinum… #Elseñor @elsenornewyork @flappy_mason #flapmasters
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El Señor jewelry X Torro Skateboards 'the Globe' medallion w/ Señor Rodney Torres

Flushing Meadows
Queens NYC
w/ Señor Rodney Torres