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El Señor x giveaway

El Señor x giveaway

The @shralpinskateboarding x El Señor instagram giveaway contest was a hit, thanks to all that participated. Congrats to the winners @manoloszc and @quinta_benta, winning a skateboard pendant each and a surprise follow back bonus. We each picked a lucky winner from our posts.

Had a lot of fun picking the winner on our end, at least 5 of the first picks did not follow the rules. Pretty standard, follow the 2 parties and @ 3 people, seems easy enough. Sometimes skaters are not the best at doing other things besides skateboarding. And sometime they can figure out how to make a rocket ship, go figure. I love skateboarders, the dumbest smart dudes out. HAHAA, it's all love, can't wait to do another giveaway. Stay posted and keep skating. Don't let anybody tell you how to live your life.

Peace and love,

Spencer Fujimoto

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