VVS or VS Diamond Grillz

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Custom Solid Gold Grillz Order Now!!!

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'Shelter in Place' 'Best in a Lifetime' Instagram Contest

'Shelter in Place' 'Best in a Lifetime' Instagram Contest

#shelterinplace 'Best in a Lifetime contest final results. Everyone that made it to the finals, WELCOME to El Señor team 🙏🏽 After tallying all the votes and heavy consideration here are the standings- (in order of appearance)
1st- @jhonnyzapata1 $400 gift card & team box
2nd- @keithlikestoparty $300 gift card & team box
3rd- @neatpile $200 gift card & team box
4th- @weston_surfskate $100 gift card & team box
5th- @raycorey team box
6th- @_morenob team box
7th- @steven_sk8life team box
8th- @jordanrichter team box
Finalists/new team members, DM us your info, you guys killed it!!!! Keep up the amazing work🤜🏽💯🤛🏽
Thank you to you, all the judges, & all the entries, keep skating! Honorable mentions coming soon! 

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            El Señor presents 'Pandemonium at Pearlridge' Game of S.K.A.T.E. Tournament Pt.3

            We started planning this event in January and the COVID thing was just a thing... By February 14th it was becoming something, and the week after it was full blown, and lockdowns started. Skateboarding is skateboarding and the video edit is skate style and had to be put on hold due to the office being closed down...

            Now that we are more or less back open, we present to you for your viewing pleasure the 'Pandemonium' Game of S.K.A.T.E video, enjoy the action.


            1st place: Kaikea Kimura @ritual_waves_

            2nd place: Rayden Tsutsui @rvyderr

            3rd place: Noah Brug @noahbrug3.0

            Filmed by: Sean Riley @shittykids, Vincent Bercasi @bercasi, and Wedgie Miller @_wedgiemiller

            Edited: Sean Riley @shittykids

            Music: Cruz Akamine

            Venue: Neon Mainstage @neonmainstage

            Thanks to all of the skaters that participated, the family/friends that supported, and our sponsors @skatesauce @diamondsupplyco @bonesbearings @lakailtd @in4mation_ @apbskateshop @daspot_healthfoods @frank151 @meridianskateboards @lightsleepers @mightyprinting @naturalkoncepts @centaurhawaii @fitted @bluewatershrimp_hi @drinkarizona @properrideshop @grizzlygriptape and @together_together

            p.s. Filming one of these things is a little tricky without following the skaters and also having the entire tournament in one day. Hope to see you next year and hopefully we will be allowed to have to event again without any 'social distancing' restrictions. Keep skating and pushing yourselves, warming up for the day with a good game of S.K.A.T.E. with the homies is a good day!

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            Adult Go Skateboarding Day

            Bringing the NY skate community together for 'Adult Go Skateboarding Day 2020Definitely not the average Adult Go Skateboarding Day. In the midst of a global pandemic, plandemic, or what seems to have turned into the klandemic, we have a well needed skate day! A special Fathers Day/ Summer Solstice/ Go Skateboarding Day/ Adult Go Skateboarding Day/ Skaters for Black Lives Matters, for everyone to come together roll out through the city and skate, eat and drink, create awareness, create community all together.
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            El Señor Dave Willis aka Black Dave, 'Skaters for Black Lives'

            The skate community came together to ride and rally for Black Lives Matter. We as skaters are almost by nature outcasts, so we ban together.

            Dave has been on the El Señor team since day 1, we are grateful to have been a part of your career. No stranger to the stage Dave's musical talents and skateboard talents have brought him around the world a few times. His humble ambition is admirable. 

            We brought out his signature 'Traffic light' pendant a few years ago, thank you everyone that got themselves one. 


            His new pro board is available now from Shut Skateboards. 


            Let's fight injustice and bring equality to all.

            Be safe, be smart, and stay healthy.

            One Love, and Peace.

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            Quarantine 'Can You Skate It Comp' hosted by Taji Ameen, Vice, Lifevalet

            So by now, we have been quarantined for some many months and the cops are killing us, and maybe we have started back doing some normal activities, mainly skating outside again...

            To lighten things up a bit... here is our competition we did.

            So the rules pretty basic... the entries will be judged by superstar judging panel. 

            Judges- Billy Rohan, Chris 'Dune' Pastras, Alex Corporan, and Stephanie Tonnoir. I love doing contests and seeing the talent, excitement, enjoyment, and just bringing the community together. Enjoy the action, it all about having fun.

            Thank you to our hosts, sponsors, and of the skaters! Thank you Taji and Vice for including us with the amazing sponsor list of Hit Balm medicinals, Stereo Skateboards, Grillo Pickles, Schaller Weber smoked meats, Trophy Griptape, and Samurai Skateshop. 

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            Fitted x El Señor 'Brigante Bling' Collab


            Dedicated to life, past, present, and future. Embracing change to build a bridge for culture and youth to intersect, respect daily, culture daily, 'ike daily, mahalo daily...


            We are offering a classic black tee and round gold medallion with the iconic Fitted 'Brigante' logo. 

            I met Rene Mathyssen in San Francisco around 1993 when he was pro for New Deal. Like a big brother then and now, but now we go fishing instead of skating, haha. Next ramp jam I am going to get him and me on the board, the last ramp jam they threw I was manning the grill the whole time, and we had just got back from fishing on his boat, so maybe a lil tired with sea legs and a few beers in us. We did not catch anything that day, which puts us at 2 out of 3. We did catch a 130 marlin on my first try! 


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            In4mation x El Señor 'Capsule Collection'

            In4mation x El Señor 'Capsule Collection'

            For our 7th year anniversary we collaborated with Hawaii's In4mation to make their iconic 'hi' logo into a jewelry piece that compliments any outfit. Represent Hawaii all the time with this classic conversational piece, it is an anagram, upside down it says 'ny' which is why we made all three, it just made sense. 'hi' 'ny' and the anagram together 'hi/ny.' 

            Complimented with black and white 7th anniversary t-shirts and 'ny' hat.

            'hi/ny' world board, we created a map of our worlds, relating the two states and switching around the names as we see the similarities between the boroughs and islands.

            I have known Jun Jo for a long time now, we were both on Alphanumeric together. He was our token surfer, haha! He later moved to New York and got on Zoo York as their pro surfer. Hanging out at Max Fish and the Lower Eastside was good times in the early 2000's. Fast forward and In4mation is a staple in streetwear, we are in Hawaii, working together and it is amazing how the world works. Thanks Ryan, Todd, Keith for the inspiration, generosity, and guidance.


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            Free Domestic Shipping

            Free Domestic Shipping

            We have had free domestic shipping for some time now, which includes all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Guam. Enjoy, spring is right around the corner. Day light savings day is coming up and it is always good in New York City during that time! Hawaii does not have day light savings and instead of being 5 hours behind New York, Hawaii will be 6 hours behind New York. 

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            El Señor Presents 'Pandemonium at Pearlridge' Game of Skate Tournament pt.1

            El Señor Presents 'Pandemonium at Pearlridge' Game of Skate Tournament pt.1

            All photos shot on film by Kale Olivia.

            Words by Spencer Fujimoto


            On Saturday February 15th, Valentine's Day/Presidents Day weekend we hosted the first annual 'Pandemonium at Pearlridge' Game of Skate Tournament at Neon Mainstage underneath the canopies between the food trucks in Pearlridge Center, 

            Pearlridge Center is Hawaii's largest enclosed shopping center located in Aiea, Oahu, overlooking historic Pearl Harbor.

            We had 32 open spots for the head to head match up, tournament style elimination. It was somewhat of an invitational although we did have random walk ins and instagram entries, we played with Berrics rules.

             Beginning with 16 skaters on each side of the bracket, winners advance to the next round and win a bag of products from all of our generous sponsors. Each round the bags get bigger and better. So by the end of it all, the podium finishers got cash and needed help carrying out all the product they had won advancing threw the rounds. The premise was simple win and receive, as if we were betting on the street. I am a firm believer in the merit system.

            The Hawaii skate community came out to support, thank you. Triple og pro skater Rob Carlyon was one our guest judges along side G Smoke and Bryson Napaepae who all did an amazing job, judging any contest is not the easiest thing to do. They have to concentrate on everything the skaters are doing, making the tough decisions. Thank you guys for giving the skaters your undivided attention and donating us your valuable time. DJ Kavet from Lightsleepers came through on the 1s and 2s with the good vibes, played a lot of my personal favorites by random. Rhydem lent helping hands by jumping on the mic and assisting El Señor Spencer Fujimoto with formulating the matchups in the brackets. He kept a really nice flow for the day (he does get paid to play music) and we actually finished ahead of schedule somehow, a feat not achieved too often in skateboarding or event production.


            Pt.2 Pandemonium blog coming soon, with play by plays, placings, and more.

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            El Señor x giveaway

            El Señor x giveaway

            The @shralpinskateboarding x El Señor instagram giveaway contest was a hit, thanks to all that participated. Congrats to the winners @manoloszc and @quinta_benta, winning a skateboard pendant each and a surprise follow back bonus. We each picked a lucky winner from our posts.

            Had a lot of fun picking the winner on our end, at least 5 of the first picks did not follow the rules. Pretty standard, follow the 2 parties and @ 3 people, seems easy enough. Sometimes skaters are not the best at doing other things besides skateboarding. And sometime they can figure out how to make a rocket ship, go figure. I love skateboarders, the dumbest smart dudes out. HAHAA, it's all love, can't wait to do another giveaway. Stay posted and keep skating. Don't let anybody tell you how to live your life.

            Peace and love,

            Spencer Fujimoto

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