'The Globe' Flushing Meadows Medallion Torro Skateboards X El Señor collab (big bail)

El Señor


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Flushing Meadows 'The Globe' is where and what Rodney Torres would call and make the most famous spot in Queens.

Legendary spot in Queens. Rodney made the spot a regular place to go and in turn made it world famous. Appearing in all the 'golden era classics, cult classics, and now in social media posts, skaters from all over the world come to skate and pay homage.

Collaborating with his brand Torro Skateboards, we bring this amazing piece of jewelry. The grate, the ledge over the grate, the inside ledge, the outside ledge, the step up, the up ledge, the high ledge, the grate and pipe, all the details of this amazing spot are here. The globe spins for extra flare.

Metal: .925 sterling silver with a 2 micron rhodium plating

Measurements: 1 3/8in. dia. x 1in. height 

Pendant weight: 32 g

With or without chain

(weight can have a 1g-2g range)

Allow around 4 weeks for delivery, 'Lux Collection' piece are made to order in New York City.

El Señor New York is not responsible for any custom fees that may be charged to you by your country for international shipping.