Jade Collective 'Face Mask Chains' collab

Stop losing your favorite face masks...

The Jade Collective X El Señor Chain is 30in long allowing it to drop freely, and has 2 claps to be attached to the face mask straps. Easy to take on and off, never forget it in the car or have to dig around in your pockets trying to find it.

We are proud to help Jade Collective launch their brand with our 'Face Mask Chains' collab, once again it just made sense.

3 colors, gold, rhodium, black rhodium, and in 3 styles, cuban/curb, figaro, or big cuban/curb.Went for the Black rhodium, keep it stealth on the street but still have some drip.


metal- gold plated brass

With or without our face mask collab with Flap Masters. 

We are not advocating violence. It's an artistic expression that we want to end the ideologies and violence that the KKK represents. Skateboarding has no color lines, age requirements, gender specifications, or economic boundaries. We come together with a common love and respect for what each individual has overcome to pursue happiness and enlightenment. Which is why we are giving $2 per mask sold to the Harold Hunter Foundation, helping inner-city youth to discover the benefits of skateboarding. 

shot by Vincent Bercasi

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