In4mation x El Señor 'Capsule Collection'

For our 7th year anniversary we collaborated with Hawaii's In4mation to make their iconic 'hi' logo into a jewelry piece that compliments any outfit. Represent Hawaii all the time with this classic conversational piece, it is an anagram, upside down it says 'ny' which is why we made all three, it just made sense. 'hi' 'ny' and the anagram together 'hi/ny.' 

Complimented with black and white 7th anniversary t-shirts and 'ny' hat.

'hi/ny' world board, we created a map of our worlds, relating the two states and switching around the names as we see the similarities between the boroughs and islands.

I have known Jun Jo for a long time now, we were both on Alphanumeric together. He was our token surfer, haha! He later moved to New York and got on Zoo York as their pro surfer. Hanging out at Max Fish and the Lower Eastside was good times in the early 2000's. Fast forward and In4mation is a staple in streetwear, we are in Hawaii, working together and it is amazing how the world works. Thanks Ryan, Todd, Keith for the inspiration, generosity, and guidance.


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