El Señor presents 'Pandemonium at Pearlridge' Game of S.K.A.T.E. Tournament Pt.3

We started planning this event in January and the COVID thing was just a thing... By February 14th it was becoming something, and the week after it was full blown, and lockdowns started. Skateboarding is skateboarding and the video edit is skate style and had to be put on hold due to the office being closed down...


Now that we are more or less back open, we present to you for your viewing pleasure the 'Pandemonium' Game of S.K.A.T.E video, enjoy the action.

1st place: Kaikea Kimura @ritual_waves_

2nd place: Rayden Tsutsui @rvyderr

3rd place: Noah Brug @noahbrug3.0

Filmed by: Sean Riley @shittykids, Vincent Bercasi @bercasi, and Wedgie Miller @_wedgiemiller

Edited: Sean Riley @shittykids

Music: Cruz Akamine

Venue: Neon Mainstage @neonmainstage

Thanks to all of the skaters that participated, the family/friends that supported, and our sponsors @skatesauce @diamondsupplyco @bonesbearings @lakailtd @in4mation_ @apbskateshop @daspot_healthfoods @frank151 @meridianskateboards @lightsleepers @mightyprinting @naturalkoncepts @centaurhawaii @fitted @bluewatershrimp_hi @drinkarizona @properrideshop @grizzlygriptape and @together_together

p.s. Filming one of these things is a little tricky without following the skaters and also having the entire tournament in one day. Hope to see you next year and hopefully we will be allowed to have to event again without any 'social distancing' restrictions. Keep skating and pushing yourselves, warming up for the day with a good game of S.K.A.T.E. with the homies is a good day!

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