Photo recap: 'Go Skateboarding Day Hawaii' 2022 Pt.3 All Photos: @kuhio.fotos

All Photos: @kuhio.fotos 

Thank you everyone that came through Banzai Skatepark and supported our community for 'Go Skateboarding Day Hawaii!' Much appreciated and much love to the sponsors, organizers, the skaters, young and old and everybody in between, filmers/photographers/content creators, the kids, parents, family, friends, spectators, all that attended and promoted the event. 

All the Boards and gear that was won was pure stoke!!! Everybody should have won something, we had a lot of product from all of our generous sponsors.

Not to mention da kine grindz from Rajanee Thai... including-

Two winners got two Complimentary Meals at Rajanee Thai Haleiwa. Our favorite Thai restaurant in the world. (I have not been to Thailand but Kenny's sweet mother was born there, so...) Oh yea, and the owner Kenny Usamanont is a 4x NY OG Legend who skated for Hosoi in the 80's. 

 It rained... so.

It is summer which is the 'dry' season on Hawaii. It is Hawaii and well passing showers with sunshine and rainbows is only a daily occurrence. This day was no different and we felt with it, taking breathers from the action, coming off, letting it dry and letting the skaters catch there breathe, got some Aloha Water Co water and food from Rajanee, watched the Imposters Band perform under the tent, and put away the product they won so it would not get wet

Right across the street from one the most infamous surf spots in the world 'Banzai Pipeline' where they have the biggest contest of the year.Must have rained at least 3-4 times, it's definitely not a NYC type of rain though. More like drizzle and the clouds don't have that dark ominous feeling, it's all 'sunshine and rain!'We got 3 out of the 4 event planned finished and due to time restriction (the sun was going down and there are no lights at Banzai) we did a Skatenight style 'paper, rocks, scissor' game tournament style, single elimination to the 'last man standing' to determine the winner of the final 'section.'Thanks Ashley for always coming through and making things happen!

Groms were Siking!!!Until the next time mi amigos, mahalo! 

Thank you #goskateboardinghawaii #banzaiskatepark🌴 

@billyinhawaii killed it and won 'Best Trick Bowl' and 'Best Trick Overall'👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Presented by: @elsenornewyork & @in4mation_
MC: @rhydem
Food: @rajaneethai_haleiwa
Drinks: @alohawaterco
Band: @impostersband
Hosts: @spencerfujimoto & @centaurhawaii
Sponsors: @slashers @bonesbearings @diamondsupplyco@meridianskateboards @fitted @vast.life_ @chicobrenes@lightsleepers @juicestoreusa @frank151 & @ez_skate_co
Special thanks: @fiks8 @asapladyjade @kaleallover@nickydiamonds @vernlaird @peanut186 @cuzzolight@junxjo @toddshimabuku @in4mryan @kaisersurfcrew@nubia_esny
@bryce_sk8r @tama.shimabukuro

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