SLASHERS Hi. Store 650 Iwilei Rd. #190, Honolulu, Hi. 96817

Destination Location?!?!

Store hours: Mon. - Sat. 10am - 6pm, Sun. 11am - 4pm.

Office hours: Mon. - Fri. 10am - 6pm


It's a little tricky to find. Find the 'Dole Cannery' sign, walk through and look to the right for the 'Slashers' sign, it's on the ground level #190. We are in the Costco Parking lot in the back, basically between Costco and Home Depot.

Lots of jewelry, 'grill fittings' (appointment needed) t-shirts, hats, hoodies, outwear, beach/surf gear, and plenty of accessories!

Harts and Nai came through and dropped off!

More shops, plenty of shopping and eating- 'Eco Town' consignment store, 2 game stores, super legit Hula/fabric store, work gear store, L&L's BBQ, 'Max's of Manila' Filipino food, the food truck at Home Depot, optometrist, gym, tax preparer, good lil food court, movie theater, very interesting 'Dole Cannery' History displays (museum like)... and much more, come through and explore!

Also in the shop- In4mation, Aloha Army, and Vast...


Señor Alex Corporan in one of his Honolulu offices...

Señor's Spencer & Alex holding the ship down...

.925 Sterling silver 'Plain Chains' and rosaries...

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