Spencer Fujimoto ‘Peep This’ Zoo York, Clip w/ Photo Edit

Thanks @the_brooklyn_banks_ for the edit/post… the day I shot an 8 page interview for #slapmagazine in a single day w/ @mikeomeally & all the footy went to my opening part for @rbumali ‘s #zooyorkpeepthis 🫡 I am riding a #shaolinskateboards @art_is_tree that @skellingit gave to me…probably later that same week I went to the Banks & did the nollie backside flip over the wall first try… it was the week for that trick, that was my year, was on tear, wish I could still skate like I did 25 years ago but the body jus doesn’t work the same, so we are figuring out new techniques to make it happen captain💪🏽🥋💪🏽 #goldeneraofskateboarding #nyskateboarding@elsenornewyork #elseñorlifestyle #elseñor #skatejitsu

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