Sunday at Arto's for Jonas

When you get the call rom Jeremy to link at Arto's to skate for Jonas with the boys, You drop everything and head to the N. Shore!

We really enjoy the drive from town to N. Shore. We need a reason to get out of town, holding the office down, na'mean. 

Pulling into N. Shore was almost pure mayhem, traffic and tourist everywhere. Just another Sunday in paradise.

But once pulling up to Arto's you can hear the sweet sounds of sanctuary. Entering Arto's you can see the cement of a perfect tight transition about 3 and a half feet high and the skating is going on a newly built quarter pipe. Arto whipped it up for the session the day before.

Señor Jef Hartsel and son, Rob Carlyon and son, Andre Genovesi and son (they had to leave early, they are not in the group pic but his son got a couple clips,) Arto and family, Chad from APB, Señor Kyle Yanagimoto, Señor Kale Oliva, and Señor Spencer Fujimoto in attendance.

Señor Harts pretty much shut it down with his style and trick selection, old school, new school, don't matter, Jef's style is timeless!


Señor Kyle is a beast, shows up late and kills it! I missed filming a bunch of his first tricks because he did them first or second try. 49 years young skating like a 29 year old. We had to put him on the team, good people, amazing skater still, and triple OG Color Skateboards rider, tattoo artist, he fits right in!

Señor Jeremy was filming the boys with his go pro, but we caught a bunch of good clips. He gave all of us Jonas and Wray Bros gear, we gave Jeremy Shaka pendants for Jonas.

Skating, talk story, filming, and shooting over a couple beers with the boys in loving memory of Jonas we had a great time.

Arto was shooting lifestyle and action, the polaroid came out really sick!

 Señor Kale was there documenting shooting on film.

Señor Spencer has a broken a toe and was just cruising and filming... he filmed all these clips and edited the video.

We ended up spending most of the day at Arto's, we did make it the skatepark but by that time the crew was breaking up, the kids were getting tired... we chilled for a minute, picked up Big G Smoke and we headed to Kenny's restaurant in Haleiwa for the best Thai food. It took an hour to drive there from Pupukea with all of the traffic but it well worth it. Señor Jeremy and his wife, Señor Kale and Ashley, Señor's Spencer and Nubia, and the owner's and hosts Kenny and Michelle cooked, served and chilled with us.

Mahalo Arto and APB Chad for the hosting, skating, photos, and love, mahalo Kenny and Michelle at Rajanee Thai in Haleiwa for da kine grinds.

Shakas for Jonas!


Video shot and edited: Señor Spencer

Photos: Señor's Kale and Spencer

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