Who doesn't like food and we love to cook. In the kitchen or on the grill, cooking like skateboarding bring the community together.

I moved out on my own when I was 18 in 1995. My 2nd apartment was with Stevie Williams, Arto Jackson, and this kid Ricardo. It was in Hayes Valley, SF. A lot of skaters and friends would hang out. Karl Watson and Henry Sanchez lived upstairs, so we would go from our place to theirs. It was a 4 unit building with a main gate in the front, so it was like one big apt for us, going upstairs and downstairs.

We spent a lot of down time there and this is where I started my culinary journey. Cooking out of necessity, figuring out, if I could make Top Ramen I could make pasta.

I would also cook pan fry chicken or fish with boiled potatoes. One night I overcooked the potatoes... after standing there bummed for a minute, I started looking at them and thought they looked like the beginning of mashed potatoes. All I had in the fridge was some cream cheese, I threw it the potatoes and mashed it up. It wasn't mashed potatoes but it wasn't terrible. I called my mom the next day and figured out how too make a more traditional mash. Now my mash is legendary... Thanks ma!!!!

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