Fitted x El Señor 'Brigante Bling' Collab

El Señor @rhydem came through this day! Like a G, he went to work before the shoot and then showed up and killed it. E NA'IWALE NO' OUKOUI KU'UPONO 'A'OLE E PAU

Dedicated to life, past, present, and future. Embracing change to build a bridge for culture and youth to intersect, respect daily, culture daily, 'ike daily, mahalo daily...


We are offering a classic black tee and round gold medallion with the iconic Fitted 'Brigante' logo. 


I met Rene Mathyssen in San Francisco around 1993 when he was pro for New Deal. Like a big brother then and now, but now we go fishing instead of skating, haha. Next ramp jam I am going to get him and me on the board, the last ramp jam they threw I was manning the grill the whole time, and we had just got back from fishing on his boat, so maybe a lil tired with sea legs and a few beers in us. We did not catch anything that day, which puts us at 2 out of 3. We did catch a 130 marlin on my first try! 

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