Guaiqueri Empanadas & Arepas are the Best in Hawaii!!! HANDS DOWN!!!

Hawaii’s Favorite Venezuelan Empanadas🇻🇪🤙🏽 & Arepas
Bet u can’t eat them just once😝
POP-UPS around OAHU⛺️
📍Tuesdays at @iliili_cash_carry ♥️
They Sell @pan_us 💛
Stop by @guaiqueri_empanadas every Tuesday in the @iliili_cash_carry pizza spot,  for Hawaii’s best #empanadas & #arepas for real they are the best💯🫵🏽  Señor @jurian_0295 in da kitchen & the wife & twins are holding the front of the house down! Mom&Pop&daughters  ♥️ support the skate community, Jurien is a ripper too🛹
The empanadas are crispy and chewy, not dry at all, so much flavor, good to re-heat ion the toaster. They remind me of the 'empanada lady' that would roll through 'the globe' Flushing Meadows. And the green sauce is crazy!!!

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