ES-NY- / 90's skateboarding

411VM - Stevie Williams- Wheels of Fortune

Back in 199X? The Original Dirty Ghetto Kid Was Better Known as Lil Stevie.

I remember being at Justin Giraud's (he was the owner of Mad Circle Skateboards and was helping with 411 through Giant Distribution.) 411 had just started. I believe we watched his tape and it was already decided it was going into 411 and he asked me what I thought and if I thought he would be good on Underworld Element (later known as 'Element') I said for sure, and we all agreed he was dope. 

( The clip on Youtube says 1994, I think this was easier, like 1993.)

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STYLE MASTERS- Señor’s Chico Brenes, Jef Hartsel, & Spencer Fujimoto starring in ‘the Smith’s’

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NBD??? 5-0 JUDO GRIND!!! Señor Spencer Fujimoto

Skateboarding is fun! Thanks for bringing back to my childhood @chicobrenes 💯 this #chicostix is a Time Machine for fun, taking me back to the late 80’s… I don’t think I have ever done a pivot grind judo but it made sense, there is 1st time for a ton o’ fun! Got it 2nd try… thanks Cheeks for filming this & blessing us w/ your presence🤙🏽 @art_is_tree@rhydem @jason_wussler good shredding the streets #elseñor #elseñorskate #lifestyle #45yrsold #runskatechill#skatesurfjiujitsu
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