EL SEñOR CHICO blog!!!!!

The CHEEKS and familia on Oahu!!!! Blessed Señor Spencer Fujimoto with one of his boards, inspired bye the 'Natas mini' 'small cat' board.

Chico came by Kaiser's for Señor Rhydem's birthday, and got to skate A'ala and Makiki.

Spencer skated for Santa Cruz in the late 80's and early 90's, he had a bunch of the Natas mini's. 

The old shape makes me feel like a kid again... looking at the set-up makes me want to skate. Skating down the block is taking some getting used to, ollies up and down the curb is really weird, the 'no nose' does not 'catch when the front foot slides up, there is 'no control' and my foot feels like it's just dangling out there and the board goes in 'whatever direction.' I think I have to put my foot back further in the 'setting up.'

Check out his NEW brand Chico Stix-



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