Adult Go Skateboarding Day 2021 Recap

The word on the street in the past year since COVID hit is that New York is dead and it will never be the same. We beg to differ– on June 21st Go Skateboarding Day, we saw something that’s always been embedded in the Big Apple.

Skateboarding has always been a part of NYC’S DNA but this year was special. It was that dap we all needed to reignite a feeling we all Love and miss.

We celebrated the 10-year anniversary of Adult Go Skateboarding Day, which was started in 2011 by Michael Cohen and Alex Corporan. It was a way for a small group of New York friends to bring Don Brown’s vision that he started in 2004 back to its essence, and organize the skateboarding community and local restaurants to help out and sponsor the day.

It’s our way of taking back the streets and skating from spot to spot without permits, hitting up our favorite skate spots and local businesses to support, parking and nourishing all attendees.

As it’s evolved over the years, they’ve incorporated art and music shows into the evening so that everyone can enjoy their accomplishments of skateboarding all over the NY streets all day.

You can’t write a script for the raw energy that A.G.S.D brings to the skateboarding community every year, and we can’t wait to bring more excitement to the next.

-Alex Corporan

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