I need everyone to pray for my dearest friend right now, on Monday morning @stevencales1 was brutally assaulted and robbed in Indiana after his truck broke down. We know several people he was last with and there’s a police investigation to catch the people who did this to him.

His ear was torn off, his lung is collapsed, jaw wired, he sustained injuries from being struck repeatedly with a blunt force object, both of his hands were broken (bc if you know Steven you know he put up the fight of his life)…

He just came out of his second reconstructive surgery and his vital signs are good. Miraculously regardless of the massive head injuries, he has no signs of brain injury.

I will keep everyone updated as we find out the next steps towards his recovery.

Steven is the love of my life; he was on a good path and he’s a true Warrior Spirit. These cowards left him for dead.

His immediate family and I will be posting a Go Fund Me to help with the costs of his bills as he has a long road to recovery.

Right now we need PVO and everyone’s prayers.
Update from Eva:
Please, I cannot stress this enough; people are showing up; but there is no one allowed here because of the hospitals strict policies. You will waste time and energy because he is not allowed any visitors. Please be mindful he in still in the ICU.

Please donate anything you can every dollar counts...


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