Solid 14k 'MUA' medallion Fitted x El Señor 3rd Collab

Our 3rd collab w/ Fitted Hawaii 🥂 all of our drops w/ them are limited so be ready to cop when they drop, the last 2 collabs sold out the first day.

Solid 14k MUA medallion weighs an average of 15.5g

Hauoli La hanau @fitted 10/20/05 mahalo to everyone inside and out that generously supports and Keeps this dream alive! Mahalo mahalo mahalo!!!!

Era Sixteen / wā ʻumikūmāono

14k 2.6mm 24in. Italian cuban/curb chain is included.

Releasing soon, in very limited numbers. Check in with he Fitted crew for the details... Mahalo always!


“Shorty's laugh was cold-blooded as he spoke so foul
Only 12, tryin' to tell me that he liked my style
Then I rose, wipin' the blunt's ash from my clothes
Then froze, only to blow the herb smoke through my nose
And told my little man I'ma ghost, I rose
Left some jewels in his skull that he can sell if he chose
Words of wisdom from Nas: try to rise up above
Keep an eye out for Jake, Shorty Wop, one love”

Nas - One Love

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