Recap 'Adult Go Skateboarding Day' NYC 2015, Please join us in NYC Tuesday June 21st for the 11th AGSD*

Filmed & Edited by Taji Ameen “Fake It Till You Make It”
SPONSORS: SHUT Skateboards, El Senor, Chapman Skateboards, Gnarmads, Trophy Grip, SkateYogi, Homage SkateShop, BKLYN SkateBrooklyn SkateShop, BKLYN, RockStar Bearings, Honey Brand Co.,
Host’s: Enid’s Restaurant and Bar, BRKLY Turkey’s Nest Bar, BKLYN BK WH Shop, BKLYN SHUT Mechanic’s SkateShop, LES NYC Arlene’s Grocery Bar and Venue, LES NYC PBR Best Beer in NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Meatball Shop Williamsburg Pizza NYC LES AND a Big Thanks to you New York Skateboarders! Taji Ameen of “Fake it till you make it”
NYC's Passionate Skateboarders Would Like to Thank, OAKLEY SKATEBOARDING, PABST BLUE RIBBON, ENID's & Arlene's Grocery, SHUT MECHANICS.
For this year’s Go Skateboarding Day in NYC we rolled with the 21+ crew for Adult GSD, skating from Brooklyn into Manhattan and making a few pit stops along the way.
Originally started by Don Brown in 2013 Adult GSD has been an alternative to the main GSD events older skateboarders usually try to avoid. The concept is simple, plan out a few spots and bars along with a rough schedule and just tell everyone to come out and skate.

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