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Angela Lee Opens Up On Mental Health, Victoria Lee & Fightstory

ONE Women’s Atomweight MMA World Champion Angela Lee addresses the tragic passing of her younger sister, Victoria Lee, and bravely reveals the details of her own suicide attempt in 2017, along with the steps she took to improve her well-being. In the wake of Victoria's passing, Angela has launched Fightstory, a non-profit organization dedicated to speaking the truth, inspiring hope, and building a community for those struggling with mental health. “Fightstory was created because of Victoria. She was the most selfless person I knew. She would want her passing to mean something, to save lives.” - Angela Lee For more information, visit
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Bellator 295 Hawaii

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Boxing Training Day @ Overthrow Boxing Club NYC w/ Señor Spencer Fujimoto

Speedbag to end the Training session
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Señor Spencer Fujimoto: Speed bag Training @ Overthrow Boxing Club NYC

not the greatest, that's why I train🍻
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Mano Jiujitsu team preparing for WORLDS!

Been goin to @manojiujitsu at least twice a week consistently! Thanks Brycen & @junjitsulife great training session🤙🏽big shout out to braddah @arvieg & @albinoandpreto crew for da gi, shorts & rash guard set ups💦💦💦 @in4mation_ 💧💧💧I’m not getting dinged up as bad, feeling stonger, ribs are stonger, recovery is quicker (been drinking the #kangenwater everyday all day too, thanks @jason_wussler for the plug on da water machine, it has been helping & just tasting good) gonna step it up to 3x week soon enough #manojiujitsu #elseñor #lifestyle #skatesurfjiujitsu#runskatechill #martialarts
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Congrats Señor Tony 'Loco' Soto on his KO win at BKFC28

👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽Señor @tony_loco_soto improving his undefeated record🥂to 3-0 at #BKFC28 @bareknucklefc👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽 #elseñor #tonylocosoto #runskatechill#skatesurfjiujitsu #bareknuckle #fightsports
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Tonight is😬Fight Night!!! Señor @tony_loco_soto battling in @bareknucklefc #BKFC28 main card starts at 3pm HST/6pm MT/8pm EST👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽 #elseñor #lifestyle #elseñorjewelry #runskatechill#skatesurfjiujitsu #BKFC #bareknuckle #fightsports#martialarts
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WILD!!! #BKFC28 weigh-ins Señor Tony ‘Loco’ Soto vs. Joshua Morales. Fight night is almost here!!! Undefeated Señor @tony_loco_soto 2-0 in #BKFC28 - SATURDAY Aug. 27th for his third consecutive win on @bareknucklefc 🤜🏽✊🏽👊🏽🤛🏽 #tonylocosoto #BKFC #fightsports #skatesurfjiujitsu #lifestyle #elseñor #boxing #bareknuckle
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👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽Señor Tony 'Loco' Soto 👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽

Lessssgoooo! Fight week is here! Señor @tony_loco_soto 2-0 in #BKFC28 - SATURDAY Aug. 27th for his third consecutive win on @bareknucklefc 🤜🏽✊🏽👊🏽🤛🏽 #tonylocosoto #BKFC #fightsports #skatesurfjiujitsu #lifestyle#elseñor #boxing #bareknuckle
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Señor Tony 'Loco' Soto is preparing for his 3rd BKFC fight!!

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Monday’s training session building w/ @jiujitsuchef & the Mano Family

Monday’s training session building w/ @jiujitsuchef & the @manojiujitsu family, see u guys tonight 🤜🏽💯🤛🏽 @albinoandpreto gi & rash guard #albinoandpreto#elseñor #manojiujitsu #jiujitsu #elseñorjewelry #runskatechill#skatesurfjiujitsu
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Albino & Preto just BLESSED us w/ the ill JIU-JITSU care package!!!!

Thanks Arvie & Albino & Preto crew for the love, wow!!!!!!!!!!!! Made me feel like a pro again, I got all this new stuff, 'to get to work in!' putting in 3 train days this week, Saturday will be fun, shooting a lil commercial... Training tomorrow with the infamous Ken Goto visiting from Frisko, Dell Valdez, Ryan Arakaki and hopefully Rob Carlyon can make it to da mats!

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Recovered from COVID, Sorry for the minor delays...

Happy Memorial Day 🍻
I’mmmm baaaaaack!!!! Blew a negative finally! Sooooo… where we at? Lessss goooooo!!!!! Lemme at em! We will be at @slashershi tmrw packing orders, thanks everybody for being patient and understanding the situation 😁🤙🏽 minor delays… #beatcovid #covidcantkeepmedown #happymemorialday#Elseñor #elseñorjewelry #runskatechill #backtowork
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Señor Tony 'LOCO' Soto WINS his 2nd fight in the Bare Knuckle FC at #BKFC23

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Señor Tony 'Loco' Fighting TONIGHT 4/8/22 #BKFC23


Weigh-ins were intense!!!!


Señor @tony_loco_soto is fighting Shawn Moffet @bareknucklefc 23 Friday 9pm EST use his promo code the link is in bio!


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Señor Tony 'Loco' Soto Fighting BKFC23 April 8th

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Hawaii Triple Crown Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament

Hawaii Triple Crown Brazilian Jiu-Jistu tournament February 5-6th. At 48 years young, triple OG Hawaii Skater Ryan Arakaki from Mililani & In4mation Brand takes 1st place in the featherweight 35 yrs & up division… congrats ya dinosaur!!!! #in4mation #albinopreto #hitriplecrownbjj #elseñor 

 @in4mryan taking 1st place in his division @hitriplecrownbjj 

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Boxing Glove Pendant By Spencer Fujimoto

Boxing Glove Pendant By Spencer Fujimoto

Hand Sculpted by Spencer Fujimoto-

Boxing and martial arts have a lot of similarities with skateboarding. They are individual 'sports' that require 'hours a day' X 'years of training and practicing' more or less alone. Not getting hurt is one of the main goals, yet it is almost impossible not to experience pain and learn how to cope with it while performing. The learning, conditioning, and healing process may not be glamorous but the results of hard work will show... It's never really for the glamour, it is about becoming a better you, for yourself, and no one else. 

Boxing dreams are symbols of strength, aggression, rivalry, rage, discipline, timing, and potential.   


One of the main areas to focus in these dreams is the emotions that you go through.

These dreams are strong indicators that perhaps you are either going up or down on your potential.

Hard work makes champions not natural talent. Training and practice, repetition, muscle memory, stamina, learn to lose to know how to win.

Keep Fighting! 

Keep Training!

Keep Improving!

Hard Work Pays Off! The More You Work, The More You Get!

Metal: Solid 10k yellow gold

Measurements: 3/4in. x 1/2in. x 1/3in.

Pendant weight: 6.3 g

Chain weights: in solid 10k gold 2.2mm 18in., 20in., 22in., or 24in. cuban/curb 3.8g -                            5.1g                      

(weights can have a 1g-2g range)

Available in solid 14k gold, 10k or .925 sterling silver in our 'Lux Collection.'

Allow around 4 weeks for delivery, 'Lux Collection' piece are made to order in New York City.

El Señor New York is not responsible for any custom fees that may be charged to you by your country for international shipping.

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