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Spencer Fujimoto ‘Peep This’ Zoo York, Clip w/ Photo Edit

Thanks @the_brooklyn_banks_ for the edit/post… the day I shot an 8 page interview for #slapmagazine in a single day w/ @mikeomeally & all the footy went to my opening part for @rbumali ‘s #zooyorkpeepthis 🫡 I am riding a #shaolinskateboards @art_is_tree that @skellingit gave to me…probably later that same week I went to the Banks & did the nollie backside flip over the wall first try… it was the week for that trick, that was my year, was on tear, wish I could still skate like I did 25 years ago but the body jus doesn’t work the same, so we are figuring out new techniques to make it happen captain💪🏽🥋💪🏽 #goldeneraofskateboarding #nyskateboarding@elsenornewyork #elseñorlifestyle #elseñor #skatejitsu
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Zoo York - Peep This (1999)

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Señor Spencer Fujimoto - Brooklyn Banks - New York City Skateboarding

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15 Years of NYC Skateboarding in 15 Minutes By Señor R.B. Umali

Digging in the crates.. Filmed and Edited by R.B. Umali from 1995-2010 in Hi8, MiniDV & HD.

Music by The International Ocular Orchestra.

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NEVER BEEN SEEN footy of Señor Spencer Fujimoto Courthouse 1998ish

1998ish…The other angle on another day… yes I did the front shuv twice on two different days… for some reason I didn’t like this angle at the time… I felt like the fish eye did not give the spot the full justice is deserved…
I only saw this clip once, sorry @rbumali I love this clip now😁 thanks for putting up an old man’s work🤜🏽💯🤛🏽 #elseñor#elseñorjewelry #runskatechill #skatesurfjiujitsu#NYcourthouse #nyskateboarding
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Señor Lamonte Mcintosh interview on @xskateworldx

@xskatworldx -
...East Coast Skateboarding OG Lamonte Mcintosh ( @lamonte_mcintosh ) At the Brooklyn Bridge Banks in this incredibly insane 50-50 Ledge to Bank in this sequence shot by Dimitry Elyashkevich ( @meechface ) took for Big Brother Magazine back in 1995, accompanied with footage filmed by Steve Rodriguez ( @stever_nyc) of him doing the exact same insanity but 6 months later. And in the last slide, a minute mashup of bits of footage from the early to mid 90’s. Filmed by @senopeels & @rbumali ...
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KCDC Presents: Señor RB Umali's Footage Party

Tomorrow *** SOLD OUT *** If you like the skate clips Señor RB been posting lately and you are in NYC Thursday night, you won’t want to miss this. Space is extremely limited to 50 people.

Free Food and Bevs. 21 and Up.
Proof of Vax required.
Doors at 6pm. Video at 7pm. Shred til 9pm.
Free Tickets at Link in Bio. #NYRevisited #RBUmaliFilmAndVideo #VansSkateSpace198 198 Randolph Street, Brooklyn NY.

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