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The east coast is certainly in the house with Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY born. Flatbush, Crown Heights, East NY / Canarsie raised. A True Yorker through n through whom skated and recieved flow from the likes of OD’s Skateshop, Bonhead Skateshop, Nimbus, PSNY, Justice, Jade, Saint Brooklyn, Base Brooklyn, Knickerbocker Boards, amongst a plethora of others. At the time of this Photo he was on American Dream. He certainly and undoubtedly is one of the greatest rippers and unsung hero’s the world of NYC skateboarding has ever had. Your skateboarding has left a mark on me for such a long time now, you skate hard, and you skate fast, and you look so powerful on a board, A fiercely talented dude whom also destroyed the banks brick by brick. i’d be doing this page a great disservice without having you on here. In saying that, i thank you heaps for taking the time to write to me, and shed a little bit of light of some of your history.

East Coast Skateboarding OG Lamonte Mcintosh ( @lamonte_mcintosh ) At the Brooklyn Bridge Banks in this incredibly insane 50-50 Ledge to Bank in this (bottom of page) sequence shot by Dimitry Elyashkevich ( @meechface ) took for Big Brother Magazine back in 1995, accompanied with footage filmed by Steve Rodriguez ( @stever_nyc) of him doing the exact same insanity but 6 months later. And in the last slide, a minute mashup of bits of footage from the early to mid 90’s. Filmed by @senopeels & @rbumali

Thanks heaps man. 🙏🏽 One of the best to ever do it. Period. Thanks for blessing the world of skateboarding.

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Q - Where were you born and bred? / where were you living in the time of this photo?

#1 I'm a native New Yorker🍎 born in Flatbush Brooklyn raised in Flatbush, Crown Heights, East New York and Canarsie.

Q - Got any memory of this day that stands out at all, or was it just another average day at the Banks?

#2 I wasn't really expecting any photo coverage the day of this flick, I was a guest. To me. I was just hanging out with Louie Louie and Dimitry. Dimitry asked if i wanted to get a picture in, I said cool and picked something I could do and did it. No wax on the photo shoot ledge to bank.


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