Recap 'Full Bleed' 10th Anniversary Book Tour & Signing @ Slashers Hawaii 1/29/22

Photos are going in reverse chronological, as they came of the roll... or at least in order of how they were sent... 

All photos Señor Kale Oliva on film (except the photos he is in)

Alex had to get back to NY soooo... We sailed off into the sunset on Captain Jonathan beautiful boat with Ashley, Señor's Alex, Kale. 


Alex's day office, he called me in for a meeting...And stayed on his phone the entire time... jus jokes, but for real the man is always working...

It was a lot of work getting the event together but it was well worth it. Bringing people together makes us happy...

Re-fueling at Liliha Bakery the day after the event, yummy yummy in our tummies.

...those butter rolls...

Michelle, Kenny, Rae, Alex, and Jun. Thank you to Kenny and Michelle for taking the time out of their busy schedule running and cooking at their restaurants Rajanee Thai Food in Haleiwa and Mililani. Thank you for sponsoring the wonderful food and blessing us with your presence. 

Kenny is a 4x Legend, skated for Hosoi in the 80's.

Kenny also has a photo in the book and was signing autographs. Skating at the Banks, black and white classic pic.

Generations: Señor Kale, his grandson & his son w/ Señor's Spencer & Rhydem

Slashers Tyler 

Gia sealed and delivered, thanks for coming though.

Great times, even during a Covid year. Good to see the East Coast heads and the Hawaii heads show out and support, say hi, cop a book, enjoy the food and good company of like minded individuals.

Once again, we thank you everybody that made this event one for the history books! Maybe a pic will make it to the 'Full Bleed' 25th anniversary.

Work looks like this now... Face the phone... I meant face in the phone

The phone reception is actually really good here.

Alex got a first checked off... first time camping... it worked and we did some work as well... Alex did some modeling for In4mation's gravediggaz shovel release..

We actually had to really use the shovel to dig the truck out... good times!!!!

All photos Señor Kale Oliva on film


Pre-game swim session w/ Ash/Kale... 

Thanks to the sponsors In4mation, El Señor, Rajanee, thanks Slashers Hawaii and crew, thanks Jun, Ryan, Keith, Todd, Ashley, Kale, Kenny, Michelle, Alex, Nubia, Elska, Zimmerman, Capt. Jonathan for helping to make this happen.


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